Bobtail2.JPGOh, wow, it has been a long time since I have blogged! In the blink of an eye, lambing season has come and gone, and I should write more about that! But today, here are some prized trail cam photos of a sneaky wildcat that lurks on a woodsy trail behind our barn. I’ve been getting blurry half-shots of him for some time, and keep thinking “is that a bobcat?”. But for some reason, the camera doesn’t catch him as easily as it does coyotes, which constantly come and go, and frequently pose for portrait-quality shots. I almost wonder if I’m placing it too high to catch this shorty kitteh? Bobtail1.JPG

This time, the photos are pretty “fosho” cat though. I almost wondered if it was a cougar, except for the upright bobtail can be seen in the color (daytime) photo. But he does have more cougar-ey color, and his ear tips don’t have those traditional pointy-haired tips (at least that can be seen in these vague shots). I am not fearful of much, but the thought of a surprise encounter with a mountain lion definitely makes me appreciate owning rifles. It’s rare, but cougars do have the potential to kill, as we were sharply reminded recently with this fatal attack in Snoqualmie. I will count my blessings that this is most likely a bobcat, and thus mostly a threat to young lambs, and not people, dogs, or mature sheep. Bobtail3.JPG

When I’ve run the sheep flock butted up against this woods, I’ve had unexplained losses, mostly of lambs. Not like coyote losses, where bones and fur are spread out in a 200′ radius of a right-at-the-find dining heyday. But, like, gone-gone, sheep just disappearing without a trace, like how a cat might drag them off. We call this area of our farm the Bermuda Triangle because we’ve not had mysterious losses like this before grazing this zone. But maybe it’s just a Bermuda Bobtail, snagging sneaky lambs that slip under the hotwire to find greener grass?

This coyote insists, “not me. I’m just here to leave a poop memo at this trail confluence, then I’ll go about my business eating voles and leave that lamb crop untouched.”