Calizeala Lamb.jpg

I spotted this branding at the grocery store last winter. What in the world? A product of New Zealand, labeled as “Atkins Ranch- Founded in San Francisco 1989”. COOL seems like a good thing here, preventing defrauding the consumer into believing they are buying a local/domestic product when they aren’t. I can’t figure: are they hoping consumers will just be in a hurry and not notice this discrepancy? Or do they think consumers are that dumb? Are consumers that dumb? Or willing to purchase product that’s so deceptively labeled? If I were shopping for lamb at the store and saw this, it would annoy me and I would buy chicken instead. 

I visited their website hoping for an explanation, but it left me further confounded. They have a good story. Grass-fed, non-GMO, naturally raised lambs, husbanded by family-run operations. Beautiful photos of landscapes, people and sheep. Why don’t they just stop there? But no, they have to create this tenuous link to San Francisco and sharing the same dinner hour as us:


Hello, people are loading their Monday cafeteria lunch trays in Wellington when I’m sitting down to a Sunday dinner on the West Coast. They even provide a hotlink to Google maps which shows us their “American Home” for their grass-fed lamb, a warehouse in Fremont:


Maybe it’s a good sign, that importers are feeling the pressure from the Lamb Board’s awesome American Lamb campaign. Anyway, the branding didn’t seem to last more than a week at our grocery store and hasn’t been back. 😂