We have a Ford Focus Wagon, which Kirk fondly calls The Focustine (rhymes with Josephine: an old fashioned name for a practical-shoes kind of car). Its visual design appeal is, well, lamentable. But holy cow you can fit a lotta stuff in that thing! Here’s last Saturday’s errands:

  • 250 pounds of livestock feed
  • 100 pounds of raw meat for dog food
  • 6 gallons of milk for lambs
  • $200 worth of groceries (including, of course, a half rack on top there)
  • lumber (I can fit twelve foot boards in there and still close the hatch!)
  • a couple of new garbage cans

And room to spare. Wagons are kewl!

LLama12 Blogging is an interesting and rich experience. I’m sure people blog for many different reasons.  The main ones for me are selfish, I enjoy writing, enjoy organizing my thoughts, and any kind of journal writing is of course therapeutic. So, first and foremost, I write about what’s on my mind, what’s happening in my life, how I’m feeling about something at the moment.

I write mostly for me, with no particular agenda.



I’m subjecting myself to a lab-rat-like experiment by commuting to Seattle. When I was job hunting, I purposely avoided applying for jobs in the big city, since there were enough on the Eastside to choose from. I don’t consider myself a city person, at all. This job I took was slated to be in Seattle for one more month before switching to the Bothell campus.

So, I figured this would be an interesting experiment. The outcome would be to confirm or deny that I indeed dislike Seattle, and don’t like commuting there, working there or being there, pretty much at all. 🙂


GrandmaK Recently my family was over for a little get-together, and I sat at the dinner table with my two grandmas, both are in their nineties. The conversation turned to the current economy, and the possibility that we’re entering (or already in) something akin to the Great Depression. I asked them both what their memories were of that time. They were in their teens when it started, and getting married and starting families when times finally were improved. (more…)

snowdayToday we had a short and intense snow storm. We’ve had a lot of warm weather recently, too, but March is always squirrely! It was bright and sunny when I took this picture at home after work. We’re hoping for more warm days, now that we can enjoy the extra hour of daylight to get stuff done in the evenings!

Phew, we got a lot of work done this weekend! We spent the whole weekend working on Kirk’s house, getting it ready for sale. We are really hoping to have it on the market by the end of the month. This weekend, I painted the entry, stair, and upstairs hallway; those areas had really dirty yellow paint that HAD to be fixed. Kirk refinished the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom. Now we are both tired!

I did manage to squeeze in some baking tonight-snicker doodles! But, most of my other weekend chores were left undone-vacuuming, cleaning the dog’s fenced area, and the like. It’s just hard to fit everything in sometimes.

We went out to breakfast today, took in an antique car show in town, then worked on Kirk’s house some more. I cleaned out most of the kitchen cabinets, the microwave and the stove top. Kirk reseeded the grass, and packed up some things.

Later at home, I put metal roofing on top of the sheep shelter in the field (pic coming soon) and then we tackled trying to fix the pocket doors in the living room. We’d really like to get these working, so we can shut the dogs out of the room with the future-nice-furniture! The pocket doors are beautiful, but unfortunately, one has lost one of its sets of rollers so does not travel well on the track. We took a lot of molding off, and got it half re-attached once, but it later got stuck and came off again. We are  having trouble understanding exactly how it goes together and works, it’s too hard to see in there. I think we may need to remove  yet more molding and find a way to take the entire door out, so we can see what we’re doing in re-attaching the roller. I would have thought I’d find some great blog or website somewhere with detailed advice on this subject, but the Web hasn’t helped me today!

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