Home Restoration

Sheetrock1We have been tackling some projects in our upstairs, which has been patiently waiting to be finished for nearly three years. We decided to hire someone to tape the sheetrock. It’s hard to do a nice job on smooth walls, we weren’t keen on doing the ceiling above the staircase, and we figured it would be nice to have this piece get done fast. But of course booking a contractor created other due dates for us.


UndonePile I’ve been pretty neglectful at working on interior  house restoration projects in the last year, favoring doing farm work outside. But, I was glad to get a nagging project crossed off the list in the last month!

I think it was winter-before-last when I first tackled the huge pile of reclaimed vintage fir flooring sitting in our upstairs. It had been salvaged from another to-be-demolished house in downtown Snohomish. I had even installed some of it, starting in our upstairs bathroom. But a large and unruly pile of the wood remained. It was not neatly stackable, because it still had all the nails in it. So, the first thing was to get the rest of it cleaned up and stacked.


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