imageI went to the annual Country Living Expo last weekend. As always, it was interesting and educational, and a time to run into and catch up with friends and acquaintances.


Canfield Farms

Somewhere in the middle of lambing last spring, I mentioned a funny story about a small crew of Edmonds Community College students and staff who came out here to do a video. They are working on a grant-funded project to educate consumers about local farms and local produce; and these videos are destined to be part of materials used by Food Revolution Snohomish County.

The day they came was a crazy day where, just as they started filming, I had to do a rather major birth extraction, there was a dead lamb (boo) but two more live lambs (yay), and I was a mess and had to change my clothes just to complete the interview. Though the camera was rolling during the entire lambing assist, they chose to exclude the more gross parts and just show some clips of the cute newborns trying to stand.

It took them the rest of the summer to finish producing their videos, and now, here they are. Above is the video they did of our farm, and below are links to the other videos they produced. I think they all turned out really great!