LLama12 Blogging is an interesting and rich experience. I’m sure people blog for many different reasons.  The main ones for me are selfish, I enjoy writing, enjoy organizing my thoughts, and any kind of journal writing is of course therapeutic. So, first and foremost, I write about what’s on my mind, what’s happening in my life, how I’m feeling about something at the moment.

I write mostly for me, with no particular agenda.



I’m subjecting myself to a lab-rat-like experiment by commuting to Seattle. When I was job hunting, I purposely avoided applying for jobs in the big city, since there were enough on the Eastside to choose from. I don’t consider myself a city person, at all. This job I took was slated to be in Seattle for one more month before switching to the Bothell campus.

So, I figured this would be an interesting experiment. The outcome would be to confirm or deny that I indeed dislike Seattle, and don’t like commuting there, working there or being there, pretty much at all. 🙂