DogDinners I make my dog food fresh in the kitchen every evening. This means when I go out of town, there is no dog chef! 🙂 Here is what I do, either for when my husband has to feed the dogs while I’m out of town, or when someone is house-sitting for us when we both leave.



I got a kick of of this scene the other morning. Every day, I feed each border collie a piece of raw chicken, usually a drumstick. On this day, Mr. Spanky was outside doing his self-directed daily aerobic exercise. (Honestly, all on his own, he chooses to go out the door and do vigorous laps around the house until he is tuckered-out and wobbling. It’s as if he knows the use-it-or-lose-it adage, and that he’d better try to keep himself fit in his old age!) So, I chucked his piece of chicken out to him while he was on his walk.

As you can see, the chickens said, I see you are eating chicken! Delicious! I’ll take that! They were swarming him and diving at the piece of chicken, trying to swipe it from him. He was desperately swinging his head trying to keep it for himself. 😀

I don’t know why it doesn’t occur to him to be more assertive with the chickens and put them in their place. He does out-weigh and out-arm them. 🙂 But, the chickens are so bold, the animals of other species don’t seem to question their authority. The younger Border Collies are a bit intimidated by them too, and struggle to herd them when they get the chance.

I don’t know what the cat was up to, but she always seems to be in the mix. Spanky did manage to gulp down his drumstick before the hens got the better of him.