We bought a new refrigerator last week, and boy what a luxury it is! Our old fridge was only 18 cubic feet, the classic style with the freezer on top. We chose a new LG brand, 25 cf, with “French door” style doors, and the freezer on the bottom as a drawer. The thinking goes, you don’t open the freezer a lot, so why put it at eye level and the most convenient location; while you constantly have to stoop to reach the often-accessed produce drawers at the bottom of the fridge?


It sure is nice, I enjoy it every time I open it! In this photo, we were due for a shopping trip, so the old fridge doesn’t look that crowded (in fact, most of what’s in there is ingredients for homemade dog food… :-)). But we had times where we couldn’t fit everything in there, on days when we had a lot of leftovers and cut up summer fruit for lunches. The new fridge has a better layout and fits a lot more stuff! And everything is much easier to see and find.

The other big upgrade is an ice maker- which is so nice on hot days when we drink a lot of ice water while working outside. Keeping the ice trays full was a several-time-a-day task before! Ah, technology!