Went prancing by our farm today. My mom called to say they’d seen it, and to be on the lookout when it made its way towards our house a few minutes later. I was sorta ready with my phone camera, except I thought they were coming from the other direction, so I didn’t get a close-up of the bride-and-groom white horse-drawn carriage. You can click on the photos to see bigger versions of them.


SummerI was contacted by a mother of a fifth grader whose class is doing a research project on the farming industry. They asked that I respond to the following questions, which were devised by the gradeschooler herself. I thought they were very good questions.

I’m also sometimes surprised and taken aback by the higher level of sophistication of gradeschool projects compared to when I was a kid. All I remember doing at that age was memorizing multiplication tables, gluing art projects together, and learning to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. Nowadays, they seem to be tackling major societal topics such as the ethical consideration and treatment of slaughter animals in the food chain. On the other hand, my grade school in downtown Snohomish was a few blocks away from a large slaughterhouse. So, through the bus windows every morning, I saw cattle frames hanging from the rails, and thought nothing of it. Now that slaughterhouse is an indoor soccer dome for yuppies. How times have changed.

Anyways, here are her thought-provoking questions, and my answers.